Livingston Avenue After School

Mentors meet with teens Monday - Friday to assist with academic achievement, life skill development and career planning.  

FACE Time Lunch Sessions  

Mentors meet with students on site at local high schools to explore topics such as Future planning, Academics, Communication Skills and Everyday encounters. Students develop tools necessary to FACE the future with confidence.         Click here to apply

Here's how you can help

Contact us today to learn more about how YOU can help a teen.

Summer Workforce Development

Our summer Workforce Development program provides both traditional work experience with workforce ethics training.  We're teaching students the importance of being "Excellent Employees".       

Saturday Morning Mentoring

Mentors meet with teen boys ages 14 - 18 to explore ways to avoid continued interaction with law enforcement.      Click here to learn more and apply.

Give Today.  

Help support mentoring programs for our teens.

Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center

Group sessions are held on-site to encourage teens to set goals for their future and re-engage with our community.

Community Service Opportunities

All THAT provides group service learning opportunities for our teens throughout the year.  Interested in hosting a tour of your worksite, please click here to arrange a learning opportunity.
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