All THAT - Teens Hopeful About Tomorrow is a youth development program that focuses 
on academic achievement, career planning and social and life skills.


Tutoring is provided with assistance from The Ohio State University Office of Student Life Student Services.  As students set SMART Goals they understand the necessity of becoming prepared for 21st Century careers.

Career Exposure

Life Skills


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Building Character

Students participate in community service learning activities with National Church Residences. They interact with seniors who share work and life experiences and teach students about character traits, such as self-control, willpower, motivation, perseverance and optimism. 

Developing Pathways to Achievement

All THAT has partnered with numerous local agencies who provide research-based programs to guide students in developing key life skills.

Building Resiliency

Students are taught social awareness, self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Students are more equipped to bounce back and not be defined by negative circumstances.


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